We are a team of blockchain experts & BOS investors.

We are a team of blockchain experts and BOS chain enthusiasts leveraging diverse expertise and skills that enable us to be guardians of the BOS EOS blockchain.

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David Packham


Charles Holtzlkampf


Liam Wu

Head of Community(China)

Sean Kang

Head of Community(Korea)

Michael Fletcher

Smart Contract Lead

Phillip Hamnett

Core Backend Developer

Andrew Coutts

Core Frontend Developer

Kai Jing


Ryan Bethem

Head of PR

We are a team of tech and blockchain enthusiasts who enjoy utilising our skills to further the BOS chain movement. We operate and run highly efficient, highly automated and secure infrastructures to ensure continous operation of the BOS blockchain.

Highly Secure

24/7 Monitoring

Easily Extendable

Automated Environment

Geniusly Managed

Industrial Support

Vision & Values


Honesty, Integrity and Ethics:

BOS42 will always act with honesty, integrity and apply the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. We continuously listen to the community and evaluate our practices to go above and beyond what is expected.

Political and Financial Independence:

BOS42 maintains full operational and financial independence. External investors and employees with vested interest in other BOS Block Producers are forbidden, making us immune to ulterior motives or influence.

Network Performance and Security:

BOS42 prioritizes investing into network infrastructure that enables the BOS blockchain to scale and run as effectively as possible.We ensure the highest level of security by implementing annual independent security audits for our network infrastructure.

Community Value Add:

BOS42 aligns our interests with the community by having vested interest in the value we add to the network. Our primary focus is building dApps that address core network necessities and provide incubation services for start-ups that enrich the BOS ecosystem.